E. The do have the concept of a 'nominee' that claim awards from your points but not sure if that is really what you are after, ok if you know what flight etc they want you can nominate them and you or them can request the ticket/upgrade etc. Transfer from: Chase Ultimate Rewards (1:1), Capital One (2:1), or American Express Membership Rewards (1:1) Finally, select the number of miles youd like to Miles will be transferred as Miles. Skywards Miles can be transferred to another Emirates Skywards account by logging in and going to the My Account section. The transfer is supposed to be instant but can take up to 8 hours. Whether its choosing the correct credit card or making restaurant bookings, here are 7 easy ways to earn KrisFlyer miles: 1. Letter of Authorisation duly signed by Cardholder; and Pay the transfer fees. Can one transfer miles from one Krisflyer account to another? US$15 (A$21.25) or 1,500 KrisFlyer miles. The simple answer is yes, you can transfer miles. The one major exception is Amazon gift cards, in which case miles are only worth 0.8 cents each. *Transfer your miles from Kris+ to your KrisFlyer account within 7 days of conversion, at a rate of 1 mile = 1 KrisFlyer mile. Theres also a However, the transfer of miles doesnt work both ways because only the child account can transfer miles to the adult account. Example 10,000 KrisFlyer miles > 11,000 Tap for More points > 4,785 KrisFlyer miles.

Check out Pay with Points + partners to enjoy 25% enhanced redemption rate. Convert KrisFlyer miles to loyalty points Are you a member of a frequent flyer or another partner loyalty programme? Redeem For. A fee of US$5/500 miles per 5,000 miles transferred applies. Here is a step-by-step guide to sharing your Capital One miles. Now, you can convert your KrisFlyer miles to the loyalty points of selected partner programmes in a few easy steps - starting at just 3,000 miles for PAssion TapForMore and 5,000 miles for Virgin Australias Velocity programme*. Remember, you can transfer your Velocity Points over to KrisFlyer if you wish, but note that they will As a KrisFlyer member, you are able to transfer miles from your child's account to your account. Select the number of miles you want to transfer, then enter the name and MileagePlus number of the person receiving the miles.

Once you add someone as your redemption nominee, you cant change them for 6 months. Here is what you need to do: You can choose to either transfer your AA miles or sell them. Verification checks will be conducted prior to the redemption. Singapore Airlines Krisflyer charges 85,000 points but fees would be as high as $472 USD. purchase 500,000 VOYAGE Miles for S$10,000 when you get or renew the card but you may still opt for the 150,000 VOYAGE Miles option if you are interested. Transfer points to travel and hotel loyalty programs such as Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, Emirates Skywards and Hilton Honors. Youll lose 52% of your miles doing this, but they will be valid for another 3 years as a result. US$50 (Advantage)/ US$75 (Saver) US$75. Once you log into your account, click on More Ways to Redeem, and then Points Transfer.. PPS Club. There youll first see a slider asking how many points you want to transfer. Pay with Points: Use points to offset any purchase made on your Card once it appears on your statement. Singapore Airlines | KrisFlyer - Transferring Krisflyer Miles - I've seen a few people ask similar questions but can't seem to find an answer. United Airlines to Hawaii. All Miles&Smiles members (except High Five Kids Club) can transfer Miles. Hawaii is ever-popular. Once thats done, miles can be transferred via Miles Transfer Childs Miles. When prompted, enter the SkyMiles number and name of the individual (s) to whom you wish to transfer your miles. Can I transfer my KrisFlyer miles to another account or book an award flight for someone else? Select Other from the dropdown next to Transfer to then enter the credit card or debit card number of the Ultimate Rewards associated account you want to transfer to, along with the cardholder's last name. For Gold and other status members, you will get to enjoy 160 miles for 750 Grab Points instead of the usual 1500. You can likely book a comparable ticket with another airline whose rewards are easier to earn. The KrisFlyer partner award chart reads in part as follows: So through KrisFlyer a domestic US award costs 25,000 miles in coach or 40,000 miles in business class, while an award to Hawaii costs just 35,000 miles in coach or 60,000 miles in business class. The best one can do is to put the other person in the nominee list for award redemptions. Before you can transfer miles, the first step is to set up a parental link, by logging in to your childs KrisFlyer account and turning on the Parental Link via the Personal Details page. Free. +more ways to multiply your rewards From Milesback when you spend, Sure-Win draws with each top-up and Challenge prizes for completing transactions, unlock more rewards in your everyday with exciting Kris+ promotions. A friend or a 'family' member ? Solitaire PPS Club. on Last 2 days: Lock in KrisFlyer redemptions at pre-devaluation award rates; W HO on Last 2 days: Lock in KrisFlyer redemptions at pre-devaluation award rates; Andrew on Singapore Airlines reinstates Jewel early check-in for Europe-bound passengers; Follow us on Flipboard Once you click that, youll be on the page that shows all the Citi ThankYou transfer partners.

The process of transferring is not as simple as it seems. Photo Credit: OCBC Bank. Members can transfer Miles to as many people as they wish.

You can transfer up to 50,000 Skywards Miles per calendar year, priced at USD15 for every 1,000 Miles [3] 4. To make a transfer, select Transfer Miles from the top menu bar, then enter the recipients name, MileagePlus number and e-mail address.

Once a child turns two years old, he or she is eligible for a KrisFlyer account and is then able to earn miles when flying with Singapore Airlines, Scoot, or on SIAs partner airlines. In order to transfer miles, youll need to set up a Parental Link, which can be done by logging into your childs KrisFlyer account and turning on Parental Link via the Profile Personal Details section. The KrisFlyer for Families program allows parents or legal guardians, who own adult KrisFlyer accounts, to link to their childrens KrisFlyer accounts and transfer miles with one another. The SQ Stopover Trick is dead. You will have the option of either transferring miles to another eligible Capital One credit card in your name. Use a miles card. Singapore Airlines Krisflyer. How do I transfer my frequent flyer miles to another person? Log in to your Velocity account, go to 'Link & Transfer' and then ' Airline Points Transfer '. United MileagePlus charges more, coming in at 22,500 miles, 40,000 miles, and 50,000 miles, respectively. KrisFlyer Elite Silver. If you have not yet linked your Velocity and KrisFlyer accounts, this is where you will do so. The KrisFlyer program allows you to transfer KrisFlyer miles to family members. Another change coming from 1st June 2022 is South Koreas entry policy for unvaccinated children. Go to this page on the Velocity website. Click the words 'Transfer Now' (it's That transferred stash of KrisFlyer Miles could then be used to access Singapore Airlines full inventory of award seats across the Star Alliance network, as well as to upgrade into the pointy end. Once you log into your account, click on More Ways to Redeem, and then Points Sharing.. Once you make a change, further deletions or replacements can only be carried out after a further six months essentially a cap of two changes to your nominee pool per year. Make the journey more luxurious and cost-effective with our best ways to fly here with points! 3,185. For a fee, and with some limitations. But if you book an award online, Singapore will discount your miles needed by 15%. Your authorised redemption party will need to bring along the following documents. To authorise another person to collect redeemed items on your behalf, please complete the Letter of Authorisation. Log in to your childs KrisFlyer account and turn on Parental Link via the personal details page. If you are the listed parent or guardian, an invitation to link accounts will then be emailed to you. Simply complete the Transfer Miles Recipient Information to begin a transaction. The receiving party needs to have an American Airlines account.

Service Fees Online Offline KrisFlyer member 3,000 KrisFlyer miles/US$30 5,000 KrisFlyer miles/US$50 KrisFlyer Elite Silver member 1,500 KrisFlyer miles /US$15 2,500 KrisFlyer miles/US$25 In the US, Singapore flies out of Los Angeles, Southeast Asia is a distant destination. But you can transfer Capital One Venture miles to and from another person that has a Capital One Venture card, and you do not have to share a household! In this guide, I outline some of the best-value redemptions when it comes to using KrisFlyer miles, with most for Singapore Airlines own flights. Long Live the AS Stopover Trick! Another variant of this question is whether KrisFlyer members can transfer miles to other KrisFlyer accounts. Again, the answer is no. KrisFlyer does not have family pooling accounts (although certain airlines like JAL do). Miles typically maintain the same fixed value of 1 cent apiece when redeeming gift cards. You are able to transfer up to 50,000 miles as long as your child is under the age of 16 and you have established a parental link. Are you redeeming your Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles in the best way possible? Unfortunately, you cannot transfer or pool your KrisFlyer miles. Then specify the number of points you want to transfer and click next, and on the next screen, confirm. So if you had 128,925 Singapore Krisflyer miles you could lose out For platinum members, you would require 700 Grab Points instead of the usual 1400 points for 160 Krisflyer miles. Unfortunately, no. You would do transfer #1 from Krisflyer to Velocity and be left with 37,037 Velocity miles. And then transfer them back from Velocity to Krisflyer and youd end up with 27,434 miles. So youd only retain 54% of your value but at least youd have some points rather than none. This loyalty program offers so many great options, including the famed Singapore Suites. US$30 (A$42.50) or 3,000 KrisFlyer miles. Enter your name, MileagePlus number, and email address. Just select the partner you want to transfer points to, by clicking Continue.. If you are the listed parent or guardian, an invitation to link accounts will be emailed to you. Singapore Airlines miles are some of the easiest miles to earn. Transfer miles Once you have accepted the invitation and successfully linked accounts, both accounts will be linked until your child turns 16. How to convert Velocity points into KrisFlyer miles Once your accounts are linked, it's easy to get the transfer underway. Flying United, you can get there in economy for 17,500, business for 34,500, or first class for 46,000 KrisFlyer frequent flyer program miles,. The next step is choosing the Share Your Rewards button. Here are some good ideas (one-way prices): East Coast to West Coast USA: 23K miles for First Class East Coast USA to Hawaii: 34.5K miles for First Class South America to North America: 57.5K miles for Business Class Europe to Middle East: 29K miles for Business Class Europe to USA: 72K miles for Business Class Middle East to USA: 76.5K miles for Business Class Virgin Australia would require 95,000 miles and around $90 USD in total fees. There youll get a summary of how many points you can still transfer for the year. Self and redemption nominees. I have a number of Krisflyer Miles expiring soon, I can't make use of them on Singapore Airlines and wondered if there was anyway to transfer them to another airline rewards So New York to Singapore is really 31,875/72,250/93,500 each way in economy/business/first if you book online. May 27, 2007. Best of all, KrisFlyer allows one-way award redemptions for just half the cost. To transfer them, visit the AA website, log in, and click on transfer.

KrisFlyer Elite Gold. All unused Miles can be transferred. For the entire period of June, you will get to convert your Grab Points to Krisflyer Miles for half of the original rates. Here the same process is repeated as for Velocity, transferring your expiring KrisFlyer miles into Tap for More points, and then transferring them back into KrisFlyer. The miles may only be donated and received by SkyMiles accounts that have been established for at least 10 days and have earned at least one mile. When it comes to credit cards, theres typically a divide between finance-savvy folks in terms of their preferred benefits: 1. There is no minimum or maximum limit for transferring Miles. there is a cost for changing the redemption nominees which needs to be factored into the calculations. ADVERTISEMENT Currently only those aged below six (i.e. If youre a member of Virgin Australias Velocity frequent flyer program there are two ways you can extend the life of your KrisFlyer miles. This is the first one, a simple transfer to Velocity with the intention to use your miles in that scheme instead of KrisFlyer. The second option to share miles with another persons Capital One account. Transfers cost $7.50 per 500 miles. You cannot book award tickets for just anybody; you must nominate up to 5 people to book awards for. Making the transfer from Velocity to KrisFlyer The transfers are initiated from the website of the frequent flyer program you are transferring from. #2. Click on the Begin Sharing button to start the process. Miles can only be transferred if the receiving account has at least one Emirates flight or partner earning activity. Youll then be able to transfer miles online without a transfer fee between your own Capital One cards (for example, from a Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card to the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card). Self and redemption nominees.