Seaport Logistics Complex (former Oakland Army Base) Maritime Support Center. International Transportation Services: Closed 7/4 & 7/5 Gate open 7/8: Vessel operations on 4th. Export: Page Size: Built In. No vessel operations on 5th: Oakland: Oakland International Container Terminal: Closed 7/4 and 7/5: Vessel operation on 4th. Vessel Schedule as of 7/4/2022 12:03:07 PM. Total : 255. Providing stevedore and terminal services to container shipping lines in Los Angeles and Oakland. Please contact the booking shipline for their reefer ERD. Subject to change without notice . PNCT Ship TDR NYTC Tariff: Effective 10.01.21 NYTC Tariff: Effective 03.07.22 Vessel & Port Schedules; OOCL OAKLAND OOCL OAKLAND. Status. Discover why The Port of Boston is the . Linescape is the first independent liner shipping search engine for ocean container sailing schedules with searches filtered by port, vessel or carrier. Vessel Name Voyage Agent VIR No. ETD: Thu, 06/23/2022 - 03:00. You can navigate into the list of results by using the arrow keys. . OOCL Lite provide real time sailing schedule search, cargo tracking, shipment details, vessel tracking, port schedule, access rates of exchange for your selected voyage, detailed container specification enquiry, carbon calculator, and local information. International Cargo Terminals . ERD shown is only for Non-Reefer equipment. Subject to change without notice . Deltaport Vessel Schedule July 03, 2022 22:00 PDT * Rail ERD/Freetime is 5 calendar days. helps to arrange the international cargo delivery from 1m or 50 kg till shiploads. 14-day Gate Schedules 10-day Projection Calendar 4-Week International Container Vessel Schedule 2022 Longshore Holiday Calendar Terminal Long Stay Fee Summary Rotation Schedule Ports of Call Export Receiving Dates . OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) - As vessel services were reduced, the amount of import cargo went up at the Port of Oakland for the month of August. OS4. Vessel Schedule; Route Finder; Transit Times; Container Schedule (pdf) Ro/Ro Schedule (PDF) Terminal Off-Dock Schedule (PDF) Tracking. Terminals; Vessels; Containers; Oversize Cargo; Vehicles; Motorcycles; Household Goods; Military; Hawaii Storage; Schedules. Check Availability. Jul 01, 2021 0 Comment . View map of Pasha Hawaii's OICT Yard. Berth Terminals Berth Specifications; Berths 20 - 26: Ports America Outer Harbor Terminal: Berth 30 - 32: TraPac Terminal: Berth 33: Berth 33: Berth 34: Berth 34: Berths 35 - 38: Ben E. Nutter Terminal (STS/Evergreen) Berths 55 - 59: Oakland International Container Terminal (SSA) Berths 60 - 63: Matson Terminal: Berths 67 - 68 Please contact the booking shipline for their reefer ERD. Bayport Container Terminal: Vessel Schedule Vessel Arrivals and Departures Vessel Services Description Bayport Auto Terminal Channel Cameras Bayport Crane Cameras Manager On-Duty Phone Numbers 713-409-7888 832-840-5031 Barbours Cut Container . 7737 Hampton Blvd. 5BKE5. Above schedules are estimated schedules and are subject to change. Vessel Schedule Enquiry. Total Terminal Area. Oakland International Container Terminal (OICT) West Gate Address: 2505 Middle Harbor Road. Norfolk International Terminals - South Gate. TERMINAL INFORMATION COMPLIANCE PLAN INFORMATION Site#: Q2078 Hangjin Total Terminals International, LLC Berths 55 and 56 2505 Middle Harbor Road Oakland, CA 94607 Contact: Kevin Bennett, Terminal Manager 510-302-3502 Steve Longbottham 510-302-3979 Gate Hours: 07:00-12:00, 13:00-16:30 Option: Appointment System Jul 01, 2021 0 Comment . Lloyd's No. The busiest commercial terminal at the Port of Oakland now has four fully upgraded ship-to-shore cranes to serve the largest container ships, following the completion of a year-long, -million crane-raising project. Coastal Schedule Actual Schedule. YANTIAN INTERNATIONAL CONTAINER TERMINAL. OS4. Start Times are Estimated. That would make them among the largest cargo ships ever to call at North American ports. In addition, a berth at Oakland International Container Terminal has been unavailable for an extended period due to crane . Bulk Data Formats: Direct FTP downloads of CSV schedule and vessel data; Carrier List: Explore 120+ carriers (deep-sea, short-sea and feeders) The Port said it had 71 ship calls last month, compared to 69 in April. PNCT operates the only exclusive Rail Operation in the Newark/Elizabeth Port Complex with destinations to more than 12 locations in the Continental U.S. and Canada. Vessels Scheduled through 8/3/2022. Log in. Vessels Scheduled through 8/3/2022. Vessel Arrival. Built In. Departure. Vessel Arrival. OOAK109 OOCL OAKLAND v. 109 OCL PNW4 Fri-15-Jul 08:00 15-Jul 23:00 15-Jul 23:00 10-Jul Sun-17-Jul 01:00 19-Jul 08:00 . Oakland, Calif. - August 6, 2021: For the second time in two weeks, a container shipping line is introducing Port of Oakland first-call service. Leaflet. Resources. Roundhouse Property. Oakland. Schedule by Vessel Schedule by Vessel . Oakland Int'l Container Terminal Oakland, California. Country. Full Schedule. Vessel. First free day starts at 0800 the following work day after container is discharged from train; Exports: LOAD's: Please provide booking number to in-gate container(s) EMPTY's: Rail billing must be in place to in-gate container(s) Contacts: Terminal Manager: Fred Myer, Port of Portland, 503.415.6542. Matson's vessel schedules are continuously updated to display the most current sailing information. Times reflected are local Times Schedules, ports of call and prices described here above, are only for indicative and commercial purpose and cannot be considered as contractual commitment. 2222 A FUJI A KIBO ACCLAIM ACT GHS DUMMY VESSEL ACTUARIA ACX MARGUERITE ADDISON ADRIAN MAERSK AFIF AGLAIA AIN SNAN EXPRESS AISOPOS AKA BHUM . ETA: Tue, 06/21/2022 - 06:00. OS4. The Oakland Seaport oversee 1,300 acres of maritime-related facilities serving a local market of over 14.5 million consumers, 34 million within a seven-hour drive and 50% of the US population by rail. For the avoidance of doubt, all vessel schedules are provided as estimates for information only and subject to change without prior notice. . ERD shown is only for Non-Reefer equipment. Vessel Departure. Inside Newark and Elizabeth container terminals heavy load corridor; 30,000sqft Air Conditioned room for food-stuff storage. Corporate headquarters for TTI is located in Long Beach, CA with a satellite office in Chandler, AZ. Voyage Next. Vessel Schedule; Port Schedule; Long Range Schedule; My Schedule; Show/Hide left area . St/Rcv D/T (Reefer) Cargo Cutoff. A port official said the Oakland port received the equivalent of 98,789 TEU in May, a number it is satisfied with, as there are major challenges at other ports delaying the arrival of cargo in Oakland. Vessel Code. Forgot password? Monday - Thursday; 07:00: Full Gate and Yard Operations: 17:00: End of 1st Shift (Grounded Import Delivery Ends at 1630) 17:00: Off-Peak Gate (2nd Shift) 14-day Gate Schedules. Trucker News & Updates **Please confirm with Steamship Lines for the final cut-off date Vessel name Line Service ETA STRT ETD Finish Truck ERD Truck Ports, routes and fleet The vessel COSCO AMERICA (IMO: 9345427, MMSI: 352631000) is a Container Ship that was built in 2008 ( 13 years old ) Easily keep track of all our vessels by viewing our . SERVICE. All times listed are estimates and subject to change. Waivers, refunds, and appeals of the Extended Dwell Time Fee will be handled in accordance with Section 18(D) and (E) of this Schedule. Oakland reported restoration of some vessel services in May that were previously suspended to shore up shipping line schedules. You can navigate into the list of results by using the arrow keys. . Start Times are Estimated. 2800 7th Street Berth 30 - 32 Oakland, CA 94607 Firms code: Y549 Port code: 2811 The Port of Oakland loads and discharges more than 99% of the . Lloyd's No. Contact Us. 29-Jun-2022 18:00 . Day. August 23, 2021. The use of all information contained in this website is subject to the applicable HIT terms and conditions. YANTIAN INTERNATIONAL CONTAINER TERMINAL. SYNERGY OAKLAND Voyage No1. Vessel Arrival. VOYAGE. Total : 0. Ports of Call. Oakland International Container Terminal (OICT) TraPac; Seattle, Washington; . OOAK109 OOCL OAKLAND v. 109 OCL PNW4 Fri-15-Jul 08:00 15-Jul 23:00 15-Jul 23:00 10-Jul Sun-17-Jul 01:00 19-Jul 08:00 Cyprus. Yusen Terminals LLC - Marine Cargo Terminal Operator. The four ship-to-shore cranes at Oakland International Container Terminal (OICT) had their lifting height increased from 115 feet . Vessel Receiving Schedule Vessel Inbound Voyage Outbound Voyage Line ETA Begin Auto Receive Date Auto Cutoff Begin Receive Cargo Cutoff Hazardous Cutoff AS FILIPPA 0UAC5S1MA 0UAC5S1MA CMA 22-JUL-08 06:00 22-JUL-01 06:0022-JUL-01 19:00 22-JUL-06 17:00 Express Rome 2221 2221 HLC 22-JUL-08 06:00 22-JUL-05 06:0022-JUL-05 19:00 22-JUL-07 17:00 For the most up-to-date, accurate scheduling information, please contact the individual ocean carrier. Specifications and services Location: Inner harbor at the Port of Oakland. Built In. & Tuesday night 6:00pm to 2:30am. Our new Vessel Schedule offers a number of enhancements, such as the pop-out filter on the left. Reefer Cutoff. Schedule by Vessel Schedule by Vessel . ssa terminal vessel scheduletherapists buffalo, ny independent health. Trucks serving our international container terminals must have an active RFID tag and have a 2007 or newer engine or a certified equivalent emission control system. Total Terminals, established in 1991 is a full service marine terminal and stevedore operator along the U.S. West Coast. 50.3ac/ 20.4ha. GCT Bayonne Vessel Schedule Today's date: Jul 05, 2022 Arrival Date Code Name Voyage # Line Service 1st Reciept Date - Dry Container 1st Reciept Date - Reefer Container Close Dock Sail NOTES 06/07/2022 (Tue) OST ONE STORK 016W ONE EC4 L 05/31/2022 06/01/2022 ONE, YML, HMM * 6/2/22 HLC 06/03/2022 06/07/2022 (Tue) HMN HUMEN BRIDGE 083E ONE . Phone (for facility directions and hours only): 757-440-7160. Marine Cargo Terminal Operator. Coastal Schedule Actual Schedule. The issues include lockdowns and congestion at upstream ports and ships arriving off-schedule due to delays in the supply chain elsewhere. Phase Service ATA ETA ATD ETD Cargo Cutoff Haz. 2009. Search Vessel Schedules China Service Schedules Guam Service Schedule Guam Service Schedule (with Inland Three container terminals and two intermodal rail facilities serve the Oakland waterfront. Vessel Code. Vessel & Port Schedules; OOCL OAKLAND OOCL OAKLAND. Thanks to world-class customer service and a growing community of cargo agents, is the easiest way for people to ship their goods overseas, or to offer free space in the container, truck or vessel to millions of consignors. VESSEL NAME. Operations stop on 7/5 @ 0800 (Bloody Thu) Resume on 7/6 @ 0600 : Oakland: TRAPAC Container Terminal: Open 7/4 - 8:00 to 4 . PNCT's customer base is comprehensive, from niche carriers to the largest container shipping carriers in the world. Please contact the booking shipline for their reefer ERD. Cyprus. Line Code. Holiday Schedule/ Gate Operating Hours. Port of Oakland Container Customer Help Desk:-. Tacoma Harbor Berthing Application. 9450583. Oakland has two berths temporarily out of commission. Trucks serving our international container terminals must have an active RFID tag and have a 2007 or newer engine or a certified equivalent emission control system. . 29-Jun-2022 06:00. Vessels Scheduled through 8/4/2022. Gate Hours: Mon-Wed and Saturday 8:00am to 4:30pm. Port of Tampa Container Terminal; 2999 Guy N. Verger Blvd . 2022 Longshore Holiday Calendar.

Her IMO number is 9473028 and MMSI number is 256888000 Deltaport N4 Vessel Schedule - GCT Canada Site-stats Container Vessel Schedule The depth along the quay here can easily accommodate the very largest vessels fully laden CRUISE SCHEDULE DATE SHIP NAME ETA ETD PAX CAPACITY SHIP'S AGENT TOUR OPERATOR CRUISE LINE APR 06 - 07 Costa Luminosa 08 CRUISE . Don't have an account? ssa terminal vessel scheduletherapists buffalo, ny independent health. Rail Operations: Call Sign. Additional waypoint - Intersection of Hampton and International Terminal Blvd. 6/26 The gate will be CLOSED this Sunday, 7/3/2022, 1st and 2nd Shift. You can track your Marine Container, Terminal (gate), Vehicle Transport, Shipping line Cargo, Import General Manifest (IGM), Freight, Export General Manifest (EGM), Logistics, Point to Point, Port to Port, Vessel Schedule information instantly 24/7 through online CICT Container tracker system. Vessel Schedule as of 7/5/2022 1:57:52 AM. One of the major challenges is the vessel backlog. As modifications and updates can be made at any time, you are invited to check them regularly or to contact our local . Types of Cargo: Tanker Agent: OOCL Now you can check availability, pay demurrage, lookup truck transaction, and view export cutoffs through Lynx for YTI. "Lock key" symbol - ETA /ERD is secured (6 days out) ORANGE ROW 7 days out pre-advise - ETA/ERD will be locked in soon. 29-Jun-2022 18:00 . Start Times are Estimated. For convenience the previous version can be found here . 07/13/2022 18:00. Conley Terminal's modernization enhances our capabilities to handle more cargo and welcome additional carriers with diversified services, while keeping the port congestion-free. . Times reflected are local Times. Export Receiving Dates. As the third busiest seaport on the U.S. West Coast, the Port of Oakland is impacted by the onslaught of imported e-commerce goods. Vessel Schedule. Corporate Office Address: 1717 Middle Harbor Road Oakland, CA 94607. Specifications and services Location: 1579 Middle Harbor Road, Oakland, CA (3747'45.89 N, 12218'8.44 W) Helpline number: (510) 238-4400. Oakland, CA 94607.

Start Times are Estimated. Please contact the booking shipline for their reefer ERD. Cutoff Reefer Cutoff; TARLAN: 017W: FRL: KAPE-0280-24062022: DEPARTED: Feeder Lines Express (FLX) AIS data showed the ship still at the berth as of June 1. PORT OF OAKLAND GETS SECOUND FIRST-CALL SERVICE IN TWO WEEKS. Sign up . VESSEL CODE. Tue, 5 Jul 2022 Vessel Schedule Report Mundra International Container Terminal CB-01 CSAV TRAIGUEN CB-02 INTERASIA HORIZON TIDE TABLE SR Vsl ID / Voyage VCN VESSEL NAME ETD 05-Jul-2022 12:00 AGENT REMARKS VESSELS SAILED IN LAST 24 HOURS ICD PENDENCY ETD 05-Jul-2022 20:00 ETA READINESS CUT-OFF LOA SERVICE AGENT . Extended Dwell Fee December 22, 2021 . OAKLAND, CA ( US ) Port Schedules. Schedule by Vessel. Don't have an account? You can find the current vessel schedules and arrival and departure times for ships calling to and leaving Port Houston's Container terminals below. Data shows that . ! Updated: Sep 20, 2021 / 04:15 PM PDT. Vessels with ETB and ETD date only are yet to be scheduled.