Structured plan of specific duration (e.g. Hold for 5secs then lower slowly. Taper Weeks 19-20. 4. 16. Training for a triathlon can be a fun process, and the right plan helps! Existing fitness: Designed specifically for sprint distance athletes, our sprint triathlon training plans build the power needed for your event. If you are just starting out, you should give yourself 16 weeks to train. For sprint triathlon, stick with the first section. The primary goal of a triathlon training plan is to develop your aerobic capacity. Cost: 25 per week. Skills you will work on are body position, recovery & hand entry, body rotation and the catch. Give me a call at 813 727 5771, let's get started! Triathletes traditionally neglect the gym. A fourth discipline to achieving longevity and success in triathlon is strength training. Completely individualised training plan (or series of training blocks, minimum duration 8 weeks) created by one of If you take longer breaks between laps, increase that to about 30 minutes, so you hit that 20-minute goal. They are both 12-week long with an intensity of 4 workouts per week. Its obvious to see where our efforts in the pool, on the bike and out running are going, and as most of us are quite time poor the gym usually comes in last when allocating out training hours.

Cost: 250 per month. Endurance/Technique 1400 y/m. Saturday: Bike 50 minutes. Whether you want to train for a first race, improve your 10km time or just use triathlon for general health and fitness, setting a clear goal at the outset will help shape your approach. Best Triathlon Training Camps are right here in Tampa ! Training for a Triathlon Difficulty Level: 1. FREE. Friday: Rest day. More Strength Training for Triathletes Routines. Wednesday: Run for 40 minutes in Zone II; bike 45 minutes in Zone II. Triathlon Training TipsSwimming Basics. The swim portion of a triathlon is often the most challenging for those new to triathlons. Biking Basics. Equipment: When compared to the other legs of a triathlon, the bike portion requires the most technical gear.Running Basics. 12 x 25s freestyle, first six on 1 minute, second six on 45 seconds. The first two months begin with cycling and strength training as it takes a smoother approach into the more in-depth training as you go along the 8-month training course. For a pro level swimmer, an average workout will have 3100 meters. Increasing Aerobic Base Fitness. For example, here is a basic circuit using just your body weight: Perform 10 repetitions of each of the following exercises: push-ups, situps, squats, reverse lunge, side lunge, and plank hold. 16 weeks) leading up to specific goal (e.g. The plan is split into sections for 4-6 hours of training and 9-11 hours of training depending on your ability and current training load. It is important to maintain some time in the gym lifting, but heavy weight training will not help you, and in fact will probably hinder you. This swim is designed to increase your endurance and feel for the water. 7. 10 bodyweight dips. Overall intensity is low to moderate, as bike volume (and related weekly hours of training) increases. In the last 4 weeks the emphasis shifts toward the bike. Pause for a few seconds when the barbell is close to the lower part of your chest. In the following months, swimming and running training are introduced. Moderate = breathing deeper, feeling a little uncomfortable. Garmin offers 2 sprint triathlon training plans. I will personalize a Triathlon Strength Training Plan just for you. Drive yourself back up to the starting position. It is a low-intensity workout, and can also aid recovery from a tough run or bike workouts. Your goals should be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-specific. Olympic - Run Focused - 20 Week. CD = Cool down.

100 freestyle recovery. This transformation Using dip/leg raise machine, position arms horizontally on supports with legs hanging down. Set bike up to ensure correct position, slight bend in the knee and upper body not over stretched. 20 walking lunges. Slowly raise both legs while maintaining a strong core position, using the hip flexors to raise the knees as the lower leg hangs relaxed. You can either do them based on heart rate zones or perceived intensity of effort. Build Period Weeks 13-18. 100 kick. Drills = Focus on freestyle drills such as one-arm freestyle, catch-up drill, six-beat kick, or sculling. This plan in intended for the triathlete looking to build fitness before a race specific plan leading up to a 140.6 race.

Hard = hard work, heart is racing. 4. 3. Tuesday: Bike 40 minutes + Run 15 minutes. 10 burpees. What is the priority of your events/races? You cant be in peak form for every race that comes along. Determine how many hours per week you can train. Be realistic. What is your level of ability/experience in the sport? How old are you? Whats your weekly schedule/lifestyle like? What equipment do you have? What time in the season is it? Find a five-minute warm-up from trainer Kyle Herrig here. The emphasis in the first 8 weeks of this plan is on running. Start by standing in front of a bench or box with dumbbells in hand.

Tuesday: Swim for 30 minutes in Zone II; strength train for 20 minutes. First Triathlon Training Plan. Improve Triathlon Fitness Training Plan. Faster Triathlon Cycling Training Plan. Build Your Run Speed Triathlon Training Plan. Run Faster Triathlon Training Plan. Speed Building Triathlon Training Plan. Race-specific Triathlon Training Plan. Sprint Triathlon Training Plan Sharpen Your Sprint Speed. More items First, we recommend swimming for a minimum of 20 minutes per session, 3-5 times a week when training for a triathlon. The first 4 weeks of this plan comprise the base phase of training for a triathlon. In this post, Raphael Brandon introduces us to a triathlon training plan of strengthening and endurance exercises that will prepare you intensely and seriously for the competition. Main Set: 3 mins fast pedal steady on a medium level try level 4 or 5. This is one circuit. Exercise Instruction. For the first six months, grow into your regimen by building in long rides and consistency. We recommend breaking your training up similar to how it will be in the race. 100 fingertip drill, on 20 seconds rest. Bent your legs, push your hips back, and lift the barbell off the floor. 2. 1. Workout 1. 70.3). Hip flexion. The Best Triathlete Training Workout consists of swimming, cycling, and running. In order to Keep your eyes focused on the horizon. The plan is broken into a few different phases, though you dont necessarily see these labeled on the training schedule: Base Period Weeks 1-12. Contact Us at 813-727-5771. 10 one-legged squats on each side. To start this plan you should already be capable of swimming 1 hour, biking 90 minutes and running 1 hour. Week 7 Mini-Triathlon Training Plan. View the Run Faster Plan. Thursday: Bike 40 minutes + Swim 900 yards. Easy = comfortably cruising. 2) PRE-COMPETITION PHASE Spring-Outdoor: 4 to 8 weeks. Drills are great to improve stroke technique and proprioception in the water. In general, if you want to complete your first sprint triathlon, you should plan on at least 12 weeks of training before the event.

By skipping your strength training warm-up, you are limiting the effectiveness of the workout and potentially setting yourself up for injury. In addition to the time triathletes spend themselves swimming, cycling and running, they need additional resistance training to increase their overall performance. Keep your back straight and row the barbell towards the lower part of your chest. One plan is entry-level, the other is intermediate. 19 Week Triathlon Strength Training Plan Triathlon Strength Training In 2018 The Definitive Guide Best Beginner Triathlon Training Program Improve Your 6 Week Tri Training Plan For Women Liv Cycling Official Site Free Gym Workouts Triathletes Repeat. 9. Rest intervals between sets should be relatively short (1-2 minutes) during this phase. If you dont feel confident in the gym and want a little more guidance, triathletes can also benefit from seeking the advice of a personal trainer to help you formulate a personalized strength training plan. This should be done at a comfortable pace. Maintain a fast pace. When properly executed for a targeted distance event (1), strength training can improve sport-specific mechanics, race day performance, and injury resistance. 30 seconds of planking again. Weeks: 4. Cadence (pedal rotations per minute) plays a huge part in fat burning and muscle growth. Pics of : Triathlon Gym Workout Plan. Trust us when we tell you that, with either of these routines for strength training for triathletes, youll see serious results quickly. + Strength workout. An 8-week build program may be sufficient if you are very healthy, physically fit, and familiar with swimming, biking, and running. This means that you train your body to become more efficient at turning fuel (carbs and fat) into energy using oxygen. 1. Start with realistic goals. Find out how using the using the gym can complement your triathlon training and improve your performance. At the moment, I do not use triathlon training workouts but I plan on trying such workouts in the future when I am in my 30s and 40s to maintain an excellent level of conditioning. Your aim should be to increase your swim sessions to 45-60 minutes each. These SMART goals will heavily factor into your training. 2-Swim, 2-Bike and 3-Run per week (7 sessions) You have between 5 and 9 hours per week to train and a minimum base of 40min swim, 40min run and 80min bike. First, you need to set up goals for your race. 8 x 25s, kick on your right side on the odds/kick on your left side on the evens, with a 10 seconds rest interval. This plan has two swim practices a week. Phil Mosley: Training Plans with Coach Support | MyProCoach This means 20 minutes of actual swimming time. Then, as you get closer to race day, decrease to one long ride per week, build up speed work, and focus on cadence. Sprint intensity and split-winning technique. 30 seconds of planking. Warm Up: 1 x (100 Pull in Z2 + 100 Drill in Z2 + 20 secs rest), 1 x (100 Drill in Z2 + 100 Pull in Z2 + 20 secs rest). This will be scaled down appropriately for advanced (2700 meters), intermediate (2300 meters) and novice level swimmers (1900 meters). Warm Up: 5 10 mins easy pedalling, gradually increasing the pace. Drills = swimming while specifically focusing on different aspects that will help improve form (see below) Main set = The bulk of your swim workout, typically working on endurance or speed. This program is monthly and is recommended for those who are obese. The Beginner Exercise Program. Start Building Your Plan.

The base period is designed to continue to enhance your current fitness level, developing your aerobic capacity. Set goals and stick to them. The Pre-Competition Phase is ideally a move to outdoor training (depending on location) and energy is balanced evenly between swim, bike and run. make sure you do your endurance or sport-specific training first. Place your left foot onto the bench, bend your front knee to 90 degrees. Hypertrophy/Strength Endurance: 4-8 Weeks; 3-4 sets with 8-12 reps @ 50-75% of 1 Rep Max (1RM); 2 to 3 sessions per week. 3 to 5 sets, 4 to 6 reps on each leg. Dont swing the legs; just lower and raise to a count of 3-5secs. The training intensity is low to moderate and the overall volume is high. It's difficult to find a healthy balance with strength training and triathlon training. This phase is also known as the strength endurance phase.. In addition, the FitSpark daily training guide will give you personalized workout suggestions so you dont have to plan what to do. The 30-minute session laid out above is one of many strength workouts triathletes can do. Our sprint triathlon training plans build the unique fitness and skills you need on race day. Between the reps in the main set, rest for about 10-15 seconds. Monday: Rest day.

Wednesday: Walk/Run or Run 20 min. Perform a total of 10 nonstop circuits for a total of 100 repetitions per exercise (hold plank for 60 seconds). 2 mins slow climb (should feel heavy) at a Triathlon training develops plenty of endurance, And strength work ensures that youll maintain a broad base of fitness even as your training becomes more triathlon-specific. Sunday: Walk/Run or Run 35 minutes + Swim 15 minutes open water (or 750 yards) 8 week Triathlon specific strength and conditioning plan . Sprint = all-out effort. Photo: Getty Images Week 1. Lower your weight to the starting position.