Then slowly lower your hands to the The breech position is quite normal when found between 26 and 31 weeks gestation. We hope that the baby is in a vertical position between 26 and 31 weeks gestation. If they flip her at 38 weeks and she flips back at 40 weeks when you go in labor, you have no choice but to have a C/S. Unstable lie - if baby is oblique or transverse (generally moving itself into different positions) then what I have known happen is that if baby was head down they may induce you that day. But, as far as health problems, I don't know of any. Otherwise, although a baby is considered full-term after 37 weeks, most doctors' offices won't schedule a c-section until you have reached 39 weeks gestation. My hospital weren't worried as I had to have a CS anyway, but she did turn at about 35 weeks. Yesterday I had my 37 week appointment, and the doctor decided to bring in her portable u/s to confirm the baby was head down (which she thought it was at 35 weeks). Thats the bare minimum needed; some A C-section might be needed for women carrying twins, triplets or more. Loading the player honkytonk_kid member June 2011 A C-section is a way of delivering a baby by surgery that opens up the mothers abdomen and uterus. Bashert628 October 2011 With DS we scheduled at around 36 weeks to have a c/s at 39 weeks. Well, unfortunately she discovered the baby is breech. C-sections are very common. A C-section is the safest way to deliver babies whose feet or buttocks enter the birth canal first (breech) or babies whose sides or shoulders come first (transverse). If you or your baby is in imminent danger, you'll have an emergency c-section. An immediate C-section should be carried out in such cases, even if the fetus is not alive, as this can cause rupture of the uterus. C-sections can cause certain types of respiratory complications in general, but that's not caused due to fetal position. I have been told my baby is lying in the transverse position i.e. like he's in a hammock across my tummy. Told I should schedule a C section due to breech baby at 36 weeks, feeling down. A cesarean section, aka c-section, is a surgical procedure used to deliver baby through incisions made in a mothers abdomen and uterus. March 2, 2017. I should feel grateful to have a healthy baby and pregnancy. Hello. Forward-leaning inversion.

Breech it depends on the experience of the staff at the hospital and the actual type of breech that you have whether you can deliver naturally or a c-section is recommended. Its considered to be major surgery, so a c-section can potentially lead to more complications for you and baby than a vaginal birth. At my 36 week scan, I was told the baby is breech. Don't know anything about C-sections, though, sorry. The Dr. said there is a chance he will move, but would like to pre-emptively schedule a C-section in week 39, for the friday before my Wed. due date, to avoid having to do an emergency CS if baby is still breech. Updated. "A woman should make sure she is not having her C-section too early. They only need to turn LO half as much. A c-section, or cesarean section, is surgical delivery of a baby through incisions in the mother's abdomen and uterus. 06/06/2013 22:18. In situations when a fetus cannot be turned into a head-down position by the time a person goes into labor, a cesarean section (C-section) will likely be required. By 36 weeks, shell likely descend into the head-down position. May 2010. since the only reason they will schedule it, is because baby is breech, I would assume they would wait until 38-39 wks.

I was scheduled for a c-section for 38weeks but my dr checked on him each visit and right before my c-section he had flipped head down, so we didnt have to do a c-section! For years, women who'd had a C-section were encouraged to skip vaginal deliveries altogether and schedule C-sections for all future births.

In others, the surgery is needed due to an unforeseen issue. Transverse Lie: Causes & Techniques to Correct Baby Position I will have my 4th check tomorrow before we start. I'm having a planned c section and have read that sections with transverse babies mean an incision up to your belly button rather than one along your bikini line. Transverse Baby - Questions and Worries: My baby is transverse and I have a lot of questions, and worries. In some circumstances, a c-section is scheduled in advance. It also happens when mums whove given birth before are in labour for 14 hours or more.

Additionally, cesarean deliveries are usually scheduled for the medical reasons listed below. Cesarean section is a fairly serious surgical intervention. If your doctor has decided in advance that youll need to deliver via c-section, his office will probably schedule the procedure for you as early as a few months in advance. Lesley Alexander, a labor and delivery nurse November 2012. In these cases, the benefits of delivering early clearly outweigh the risks of what's called "late preterm" birth. Otherwise, although a baby is considered full-term after 37 weeks, most doctors' offices won't schedule a c-section until you have reached 39 weeks gestation. Transverse is a c-section as it can cause a cord prolapse which could lead to a still birth. Over the past decade, doctors have studied late preterm births in depth. Nowadays, with a scheduled c-section, a transverse incision is usually made. RivieraMaya05.

In other cases, however, a c-section is an emergency procedure performed in response to situations that arise during vaginal delivery. In this condition, a cesarean delivery is always used. The reason breech babies get c-sections is because they simply don't train practicioners on breech delivery anymore because they are uncommon. Hope your baby turns for you (it's uncomfortable, though!) For example, the more C-sections you have, the more likely you are to have a uterine rupture. For example, if the baby is abnormally large (fetal macrosomia) or in an abnormal position (e.g., breach or transverse presentation) doctors will normally schedule a preemptive c-section to avoid harm to the baby. (And apparently a lot of babies turn as the drugs to relax the womb muscles are injected.) It is normal for a baby to be transverse in the first and second trimester. Cesarean birth, also termed cesarean section, is the delivery of a neonate by surgical incision through the abdomen and uterus. That is when a baby is considered full term. Many women who have had a cesarean section (or C-section) with their first pregnancy are interested in a vaginal delivery for their second or later births. If thats the case, your doctor may ask if you want to try and turn the baby with an inversion procedure to get her into a vertex position, or you may consider having a c The site Evidence Based Birth reported that 93.8% of all breech babies were born by C-section in 2019. By Gil Wayne, BSN, R.N. Breech baby = scheduled c-section. Add message. I have never heard of anyone admitted at 37 weeks because the baby was transverse. 14/12/2011 at 11:53 am. You're carrying more than one baby. A fetus is in a transverse position when it is sideways, at a 90-degree angle to the pregnant persons spine. So, it is absurd to say that such a birth is much easier than natural birth. Its also known as a cesarean birth. Here are some of the medical reasons for a C-section: Prolonged labour: According to Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of C-section happens due to prolonged labour. He was my 3rd so he had plenty of room to flip. If baby is cephalic on the day of planned cs there will be no clinical indication to do a cs, and the risks that go with it. Kirkeby Hansen advises women seeking elective C-section to wait until the 39th week of their pregnancy. Unlikely baby will flip at this point if its your first. In general, you should wait at least 6 months before getting pregnant again after a C-section. What is a Transverse Baby?.

Something about if a baby is transverse this late, then the uterus is shaped that way and it is more comfy for the baby to be sideways, so they will flip again. Such obstetric operations (scheduled C-section) are quite common, saving the lives of thousands of babies. In situations when a fetus cannot be turned into a head-down position by the time a person goes into labor, a cesarean section (C-section) will likely be required. Vaginal birth with a transverse position poses risks to the baby and the person giving birth. It happens when the mum-to-be is in labour for 20 hours or more. They may not schedule you much in advance because the baby could turn in the next month. That doesn't mean that the baby won't turnit's just that mine didn't. A message from a mother: I I was admitted with placenta praevia at 33.5 weeks with DD1, at the time she was transverse. My other concern is if I choose not to do the EVC and schedule a C Section I worry about the C section itself. But in some cases she can still be breech. My next appointment is Thursday this week - doubt they will actually book me in as only just 36 weeks at that point but just want the advice - some people say they have been booked in for the actual c-section at 37 weeks so wanted to see what ladies on here experience. ADVERTISEMENTS. Transverse lie: The baby is in a horizontal, or sideways, position in the uterus. BlueRidgeMama member. According to my doc (and google lol) when attempting a version transverse is actually the best. To do this move, youll carefully kneel at the end of a couch or low bed. Of course, we will do another sono a day or two before, just to check and make sure baby is still breech. If it is a repeat c-section then they schedule much earlier (6wks ahead). He wanted to come ass first into the world lol. Also I was told about the risks of water breaking before section and cord dropping again causing major harm to baby.

Netmums-to-be 35 weeks pregnant and exhausted Netmums-to-be 35 weeks pregnant cramping and lower back pain Suz73dfr 09/06/2010 at 9:01 am Hi Helen, thanks for that, I will be 36+5 at Medical Indications. I'd you are interested in a version it must been done as close to 37 weeks as possible (usually not before) and you must have good fluid levels. Sar01ped. Though many Transverse baby at 33 weeks pregnant. But to answer your question yes totally normal. A caesarian section, or C-section, is typically performed in the 39th week of gestation. This is done so that a baby is given enough time to grow and develop so that it is healthy. How do you turn a transverse baby? With each C-section, theres a higher chance of scar tissue buildup, heavy bleeding, and problems with the placenta. The term cesarean birth is used in nursing literature rather than cesarean delivery to accentuate that it is a process of birth rather than a surgical procedure. I feel silly.. Ive had a low risk pregnancy with pretty much zero complications. Babies develop at different rates, and some aren't ready to be born at the 37-week mark. My 365 Blog lwogsland member October 2011 A cesarean section, also called a c-section, is a surgical procedure performed when a vaginal delivery is not possible or safe, or when the health of the mother or the baby is at risk. My first baby was transverse at 37 weeks but happily turned for me the night before a scheduled ECV. When the Baby Doesn't Turn. If your baby is in a transverse lie at term, a cesarean section may be recommended if the baby doesn't turn or if other measures are not successful in turning the baby.